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Artisanal Teas


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Green Teas

Green teas are appreciated for their fresh, vegetal sweetness and are pan-fired or steamed to retain their color and nutrients. Reputed to increase concentration, prevent osteoporosis, heart disease, and many types of cancer, Green teas have been found to be rich in polyphenol anti-oxidants, vitamins, and nutrients.

Gen Mai Cha Gyokuro Karigane
Uji, Japan
Low Caffeine
A special grade of tea made with fine Sencha leaves and pop rice. A popular tea in Japan for everyday use, the taste is toasty and warming. 

White Dragon Jasmine Pearls
Fujian, China
Low Caffeine

Large, gently plucked, tender Green tea leaves rolled with the summer's most fragrant jasmine blossoms into large white pearls. The jasmine blossoms are picked unopened, then layered over the tea leaves overnight. During the night, the jasmine flowers bloom, tossing their intense and exquisite aroma into the leaves which absorb the fragrance. The flowers are discarded, and fresh ones harvested the next day. This process is repeated many times, making it one of the most labor intensive, highest quality jasmine Green teas ever. The resultant tea liqueur is smooth, sweet, and viscous with the long lingering fragrance of jasmine flowers.

Mao Jian “Hair Tip”
Fujian, China
Low Caffeine

Grown at a high elevation (800 meters) and hand harvested, the leaf tips are rolled to resemble a strand of hair, hence the name “Hair Tip”. Creating the Hair Tip shape is second only in difficulty to the creating the Rain Flower shape, as the shape is very brittle and easy to break during rolling and subsequent handling and baking. This level of artisanship is rare and highly prized by Green tea connoisseurs. The taste is fresh and vegetal, with a buttery viscosity and high fragrance.

Tai Ping Hou Kui
Anhui, China
Low Caffeine
Named after the city of Tai Ping in Anhui, China, near the Huang Shan (Yellow Mountain) area, this tea is characterized by a large, flat, double leaf with a hidden downy bud. Taste is spinachy - a rich raw green taste – with a hint of smokiness from the sun and hot pan drying. The finish is sweet and lingering, with a full mouth feel and roundness in the palate. Distinctively Chinese in that it is less vegetal and more refreshing to the palate than other Asian Green teas.

Oolong Teas

Oolong teas are semi-oxidized and roasted teas with medium levels of caffeine. Oolongs have inspired the Chinese and the Taiwanese for centuries with their full bodied brews and fragrant aromas. The vast majority of Oolong teas are produced in Fijian province in China or in Taiwan. Chinese Oolongs generally tend to have a darker roast and fruitier nature than Taiwanese Oolongs, which are generally greener, with a more floral aroma.

Anxi Tikuanyin No. 5
Fijian, China
Moderate Caffeine

Tikuanyin teas are native to Fujian province in China. A light-medium roasted Tikuanyin Oolong from Anxi, this tea is a medium Oolong with a delightfully fruity body. This traditionally crafted version of the tea is custom roasted for Teance using charcoal heat.

Baochong A
Wen Shan, Taiwan
Moderate Caffeine

This tea is the signature Oolong tea of Taiwan. Lightly oxidized and nearly green, Baochong has large, wrapped leaves that give off the aroma of gardenias and lilacs. When brewed, this tea is sweet and smooth with a light jade green color and a distinctive fragrance that long lingers in the cup.

Cold Summit Tung Ting
Tung Ting Mountain, Taiwan
Moderate Caffeine

Warm up with one of the most extraordinary, artisanal, hand crafted Oolongs in the world. This tea has been meticulously handpicked and then roasted slowly over a bamboo charcoal fire. The resulting tea is balanced, deep, and full of the rich toasty notes for which Oolong teas are famous.

White Teas

White teas are hand-plucked from the downy, premature leaves of the White Tea varietal and represent the most natural form of teas processed for consumption. The Chinese value them for their health properties and delicate nature. White teas are reputed to be higher in antioxidants than Green teas. All white teas are extremely low in caffeine, which makes them a delicious pure leaf tea to drink at night or throughout the day.

White Peony Longevity Brows
Fujian, China
Extra Low Caffeine

Full of silver whole buds and lush green leaves, this tea is named after the beautiful peony flower and the buds that resemble a large silver eyebrow. One of the most highly regarded and popular of all White teas, White Peony is alternately sun dried, then indoor hot air dried for natural processing.  Its brew is slightly sweet and melon like, with a bright, fresh lingering after taste.

Red and Black Teas

Red and Black teas are fully oxidized through an intense rolling or tearing process. Red teas were so named in China because the tea, when brewed, is a red or rouge colored liquid. Black teas were given their name in Western Europe in reference to the black and withered appearance of the leaves.

Red Lichee Premium
Guangzhou, China
Higher Caffeine
This tea is enhanced with the essence of lichee flowers for a rosy aroma and natural sweetness. No sugar needed!

2nd Flush Darjeeling
Puttabong Valley, India
Higher Caffeine

Planted in 1852, the Puttabong Valley Tea estate was the first Darjeeling tea plantation. This remarkable estate remains in operation today and continues to produce teas of the highest quality. Selected for its more traditional Darjeeling taste, this tea features an earthy taste, with warm flavors and a good aroma.

Yunnan Gold Premium
Yunnan, China
Higher Caffeine

Composed of gold-colored leaf tips, this tea hails from the Yunnan province which has cultivated tea for nearly 1,700 years. The taste is unique – a
brisk, peppery brew.

Herbal Infusions
Huang Shan, China
No Caffeine

Different from true tea, which comes from the camellia sinensis, Herbal Infusions come from the leaves, roots, stems, or flowers of other plants that are known to have medicinal properties. These infusions are all caffeine-free.

Chamomile Medley
No Caffeine

A calming Chamomile blend with a sweet, honey-like character and a hint of mint, blended to relax and refresh. Calms the nerves and aids the digestion.

Eight Treasure Tea
Fujian, China
No Caffeine

A prized drink of Yunnan, China. Eight Treasure Tea is a Chinese medicinal herbal concoction formulated to promote energy, improve circulation, generate blood, tone the liver, and  replenish 'chi'. The Eight "Treasures" include goji berry, jujube red date, citrus peel, ginseng root, cane sugar cube, chrysanthemum, Hair Tip Green tea, and longan fruit.



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